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S&A Fridge was actually founded in 2002 with two decades of refrigerator manufacturing experience, and also right now is recognized as a cooling modern technology leader as well as reliable companion in laser device market. S&A Chiller supplies what it assures - offering quality, extremely reliable and also power effective commercial water refrigerators with superior top quality.
Our recirculating water refrigerators are best for a wide array of commercial uses. And for laser device use particularly, our team create a total line of laser device water refrigerators, ranging coming from stand-alone system to rack install system, from reduced power to higher energy series, from ± 1 ℃ to ± 0.1 ℃ security technique administered.

Our team have been actually helping consumers in even more than 50 nations to fix the heating up complications in their devices along with our consistent commitment to dependable product premium, continual innovation and also understanding of

If you're searching for a chiller for your service, one of the things you'll possess to decide is whether you need to have an air-cooled refrigerator or even a water-cooled chiller. To assist in your study, here are actually the principal benefits and also drawbacks of water-cooled fridges.



  • Air-cooled chillers are stand-alone systems and also do not need any kind of additional tools to function.
  • We can customize our industrial refrigerators to meet essentially any kind of budget and also industrial requirement.
  • Full safely gadgets consisting of power reverse phase, power brief stage and anti-freeze security.
  • Air conditioning water is essential in lots of industrial processes.
  • Nonetheless, the degree of dilution of the acid service and also the type of acid service require to be considered.

Benefits Longer Life-span
Water-cooled chillers generally do not need replacement as usually as air-cooled chillers perform. They may not be exposed to outside components such as rain, warm, snowfall, and also ice, which makes them much less at risk.

Quiet Procedure

While air-cooled fridges possess ducts as well as vents that make noise, water-cooled chillers operate gently. The circulation of water through the body does not lead in the same loud growth and also contraction that's listened to in air-cooled fridges. Quiet operation is specifically necessary in environments like health centers and also schools, where noise can induce disorder to occupants.
Energy Effectiveness
The movie coefficient is actually 10 to one hundred times much better in air-cooled fridges versus water-cooled chillers. This implies that water-cooled refrigerators transactions heat energy more efficiently. The outcome to services is actually a discount on energy costs. No Clearance Needed



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Air-cooled fridges need to stay outdoors in a clearance with lots of new sky to function. Water-cooled chillers stay inside buildings, which makes all of them optimal for firms that do not possess accessibility to adequate exterior space.
Safety Water-cooled chillers use water as a refrigerant as opposed to hazardous chemicals. read more This creates all of them more secure for folks that possess exposure to all of them.
Negative Aspects Higher Cost
Air-cooled chillers are less expensive than water-cooled chillers due to the fact that they don't need parts like cooling high rises as well as condenser water pumps. Several providers believe that the longer life-span and also discounts on electricity prices help make water-cooled fridges worth the first higher expenditure, having said that.

Much more Upkeep
Considering that water-cooled chillers have even more components, they call for even more upkeep. The more components an equipment possesses, the a lot more points there are that may go inappropriate along with the device, which means water-cooled chillers are actually extra probably to need repairs than air-cooled fridges.

Difficult Setup
The additional parts in water-cooled fridges additionally produce setup more of a hassle. This may indicate greater labor prices for setup of water-cooled refrigerators instead of air-cooled fridges.


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